Monday, 16 March 2015

Tuesday cookery - Roast lamb and boulangerie potatoes

I was interested in the story behind the potatoes I've cooked this week which persuaded me to attempt Tom Kerridge's roast lamb recipe.

Shoulder of lamb roasted on potatoes

Although the lead ingredient of this dish is roast shoulder of lamb it was the cooking of the potatoes that intrigued me. This is a slow roast dish and lamb shoulder is suited to this type of cooking. In preparation I cut deep holes in the meat and inserted whole cloves of garlic so that they were hidden by the lamb and therefore wouldn't burn. Roast garlic tends to be milder than other ways of cooking it and is a delightful flavour which permeates the meat from deep inside.
The potatoes are cooked in a rustic French manner. In olden times when the local bakeries, boulangerie, had finished producing bread for the day the ladies in the villages would bring their roasting tins, containing the prepared potatoes and meat, to roast in the residual heat of the bakers ovens.
The recipe is quite straight forward. Slice the potatoes thinly and chop an onion. Layer potatoes, onions, thyme and seasoning finishing with potatoes. Sit the shoulder of lamb on top and pour over quality chicken or vegetable stock and cook slowly on a gentle heat for several hours.

Plated lamb and potatoes with roasted roots
and green beans.

You could actually serve this with any vegetables of your liking. I roasted carrot and parsnip and sautéed green beans in butter and black pepper. 

Economically, a £3-50 piece of pork shoulder served 4 meals. The prices of the vegetables were negligible.

God Bless