Sunday, 15 March 2015

Writing - Beware the Ides

The Ides of March famously the date when Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back by Brutus and Cassius was the 15th of the month 44BC.

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In fact there were around 60 senators ready to stick the knife in on the day which, if you that unpopular, you would have thought that it was time to catch the nearest chariot out of Rome and not attend the fateful meeting. In fact the Ides of March was also a day for settling debts of a more fiscal nature, rather ironic.

In fact the date has been significant throughout history. I suppose if you selected any date you would find significant occurrences but the interest comes from the echo of Caesar's demise.

1360 - The French attacked the English south coast
1493 - Christopher Columbus returned from his first New World voyage.
1812 - First Russian settlement in California - Russian River
1820 - Maine admitted as the 23rd state of the union
1848 - Hungarian Revolution
1877 - 1st Test Cricket match against Australia
1906 - Rolls Royce formed
1907 - Finland the first European country to give women the vote.
1939 - Hitler invades Czechoslavakia
1946 - India given the right to Independence
1961 - South Africa withdraws from the Commonwealth
1965 - 1st TGI Friday's restaurant opens

These are just a few of the date specific events occurring on the Ides.

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Of course it is Mother's Day in the UK this year which occurs in the middle of Lent and was introduced to be a moment of light in the dark times that were Lent.

Also, in two days, it will be St. Patrick's Day the patron saint of Ireland.

It's hardly surprising that dates in March are significant as it is also the onset of Spring and therefore the time when new projects tend to start. I even went into our church's graveyard, ostensibly to place daffodils on Mum's grave, but also to check the conditions in there with a view to beginning to begin tending the grass etc.

Whatever happens irrespective of whether it is on the Ides of March or not, enjoy yourself it is another day of your life. 

God Bless (to Mothers in particular)