Saturday, 14 March 2015

Writing - My 10 views of the week's news.

I know over the last few months I've given myself an easy Saturday by creating a blogpost from the BBC Magazine's list of 10 facts from the previous week. However, this week they're not available so I began thinking about the news myself.

1. Terry Pratchett died this week aged 66.

Image result for terry pratchett discworld

Natural for me to pick out this item as a writer. I was recommended, and in fact loaned the first book in the Discworld series many years ago but never read any more. However, I know many people who appreciated the humour and cleverness of these books and will undoubtedly dip back into them in the future.


2. Remberance Service for all those who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

Image result for afghanistan remembrance St Paul's

Friends and relatives have gathered together in St Paul's to celebrate the lives of over 400 people who died during the conflict.


3. IS destroy historical sites in Assyria

Image result for IS destroy history Nimrud

It was claimed this week that IS have bulldozed historical sites in Nimrud and that they are trying to destroy humanities history.


4. Nigel Farage shot himself in the foot this week.

Image result for nigel farage

The UKIP leader is really doing his best to drive voters away from his party. This week he suggested that he would get rid of employment law that mitigated against British job applicants and some other comments that would suggest that we have now 'got used' to the cultural diversity of the UK and don't need those laws anymore.


5. Milliband in Salmond's pocket.

Image result for Miliband in Salmond's pocket

An interesting poster produced by the Conservative party. Shouldn't they be putting forward their own case for election success?


6. Golf hazard in Florida

florida american alligator golf course

Another reason for not playing golf.


7.  Rembrandt's monkey

Captive lesula from the DRC.

The world's newest primate discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is called a 'lesula' monkey. It's mournful expression has earned it the nickname in the title.


8. Irish Setter  dies after appearing at Crufts

Image result for irish setter poisoned

Twenty six hours after appearing at Cruft's this beautiful dog died. It is believed that it was poisoned.


9. Smelly poo causes a flight to turn back

Airplane and airplane toilet

A flight only a few minutes into its journey from Heathrow to Dubai was diverted back to Heathrow on health and safety grounds when the odour from a particularly 'smelly poo' was upsetting the passengers. Staff tried to solve the problem but without success and the plane returned to Heathrow.

10. Cartoon of the Week

Matt cartoon, March 14


God Bless