Saturday, 4 April 2015

10 things we didn't know last week - Happy Easter

An agglomeration of stuff for a lighter Easter.

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1. Male mice sing love songs to females.

More pointless research.


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2. Guests at Mark Zuckerberg's Game of Thrones party stick around afterwards to watch the sitcom Silicon Valley.


3. Norfolk has its own species of man-shaped fungus.


4. Michael Jackson made a series of prank calls to Russell Crowe.


5. As people get older they become more tolerant of discordant music.

Who says?

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6. Greater Manchester Police name all their serving horses after characters from Charles Dickens novels.

Chuzzlewit, Rudge, Haversham - really.


7. Around the Mediterranean people prefer living in towns, while near the Arctic Circle it is in rural areas that people are happier.

So there are lots of towns within the Arctic Circle then!

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8. Being close to a supermarket boosts the value of a house (compared to those in the same area) unless it's an Aldi or Lidl.


9. Aston Villa and Tottenham are the clubs that have had the most England players - 73 each.


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10. Cats like classical music, particularly the compositions of George Handel.



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Easter journey

A moveable feast of chocolate and eggs
jarped in celebration of the life of Christ.
Colourful, laughter, Lenten relief
emerging at last from winter’s grief.

Presaged by waving fronds of palm
and singing the praises of the doomed Christ.
Looking forward to the silken, sweet taste
of chocolate, guaranteed to be no waste.

A modest supper of bread and wine,
a betrayer’s escape under the gaze of Christ.
A night of confusion and something’s amiss,
finally, Jesus betrayed with no lover’s kiss.

A trial, railroading, bribing and
jealous denouncing of the innocent Christ.
Hand washing by a Roman master,
seemingly creating a human disaster.

Mother and friends supported and cared
for the agonies of a crucifying Christ.
A void of despair where one once cherished
when He declared ‘it is finished’.

Days later and several strange signs
evidencing the coming of a risen Christ.
Blessed relief and hope for the future
to one and all a Happy Easter.
© David L Atkinson April 2015

God Bless