Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Poetry Thursday 154 - Something for the weekend.

The Easter weekend approaches and also it is over a week since 150 people died at the hands of a sick man. A couple of poems trying to embrace each of those events.

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Easter journey

A moveable feast of chocolate and eggs
jarped in celebration of the life of Christ.
Colourful, laughter, Lenten relief
emerging at last from winter’s grief.

Presaged by waving fronds of palm
and singing the praises of the doomed Christ.
Looking forward to the silken, sweet taste
of chocolate, guaranteed to be no waste.

A modest supper of bread and wine,
a betrayer’s escape under the gaze of Christ.
A night of confusion and something’s amiss,
finally, Jesus betrayed with no lover’s kiss.

A trial, railroading, bribing and
jealous denouncing of the innocent Christ.
Hand washing by a Roman master,
seemingly creating a human disaster.

Mother and friends supported and cared
for the agonies of a crucifying Christ.
A void of despair where one once cherished
when He declared ‘it is finished’.

Days later and several strange signs
evidencing the coming of a risen Christ.
Blessed relief and hope for the future
to one and all a Happy Easter.

© David L Atkinson April 2015

A well known story often told in schools but perhaps not as universal as I would like it to be.

The next poem is really about some of the characteristics of depression.

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Remembering what’s his name

It lurks in the dark places of every being,
awaiting the opportunity to overtake the mind.
The approach making consciousness unseeing,
inducing irrationality in human kind.

When opportunities arrive it pays a call
engineering alterations in ones reactions.
Knowing people don’t know you at all
had you not obscured resulting actions.

Now it only allows permitted glimpses
of those symptoms one didn’t choose.
Appearing only as concentrations lapses
offering loving observers the smallest clues.

But working its evil patterns in the brain
creates the excuses to bring down a plane.
© David L Atkinson April 2015

Depression is something that can strike anyone hence the reference in the first verse to 'every being'. The overall aim of this poem is to educate the reader to the insidious nature of the mental illness which adds to the difficulties in both detection and treatment. At the same time spare a thought for all those who died on the French mountainside on the 24th March.

God Bless