Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Poetry Thursday 155 - Spring has sprung

I don't know about you but I feel that spring is such an optimistic time of year and I've experimented with rhyme and words this week. I hope you get where I was trying to get to.

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Spring has sprung

When the sun is warm and the air is clear
it may be we have reached the time of year
when relegation decisions are reaching fever pitch
and cricketers are honed to make their new pitch.

A turbulent time of decisions on the future
as youngsters are examined for a career.
The sap rising in vigorous tree’s veins,
and blood pulsing in teenage veins.

Optimism for everything is globally rife
a change in weather sparks up all life.
The time to put winter clothes away
and an urge to consider trips away.

Spring heralds the optimism of all
to try things and enjoy life - till fall!
But why put life on hold for weather changes
when every day is subject to prodigious changes?
© David L Atkinson April 2015

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Rhyming is rather like a set of interlocking toy bricks that will fit together in a myriad of ways. By rhyming the first two lines and using the same word to end the last two lines of each verse, I have tried to introduce an optimistic rhythm to an optimistic poem. Forgive the use of an americanism in the final verse!
I have a poet friend from Texas, Jo VonBargen, who rarely writes poetry in rhyme and yet has the most amazingly flexible way with words producing powerful imagery and poignancy. Occasionally, I've dabbled but being an insecure male I need a framework!

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Amorphous Spring

Spring whispers its hopeful message
in chilly nights and barmy days.
Nature oozes forth in bursting bulbs
and delicate petal shades that
gladden the heart.
Easy on the eye.
A transition with rebounds 
into short-lived winter storms
recovering with the promise of summer's warmth.
building trust
that spring will turn into summers blast.
© David L Atkinson April 2015

 An attempt at writing without a framework or plan. It felt rather like a word association test and irrespective of my intention not to rhyme one or two hints of the habit sneaked in there. However, if you want to try poetry, work on the principle that you can create your own rules and style. It's more about how you feel.

God Bless