Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Poetry Thursday 157 - Things ethereal

I was struck by a couple of rather amorphous ideas the other day. One was on the nature of friendship now that we have such sites as Facebook, and the second the discovery of a huge section of space with nothing in it and a radio DJ was trying to establish a competition to give it a name.
These two occurrences led to two poems.

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What is a Friend?

In the olden days making friends took time,
now all you need to do is go online.

Being friends was a relationship that grew,
but now it is an instant, momentary view.

There’s fun to be had getting to know a friend
over a period longer than a click/send.

Harmony develops over time nurtured talks,
during shared experiences and gentle walks.

Trust comes from knowing each other,
from spending time like sister and brother.

The relationship developed surviving spats,
and is reaffirmed with gentle pats.

BUT now when things don’t seem to mend,
all that you do is click UNFRIEND.
© David L Atkinson April 2015

A section of space over a billion light years in diameter has been 'stumbled' upon by scientists studying a 'cold spot' in space. The language of the scientists amused me, the concept of stumbling over something that big would be rather like never having noticed the elephant in the room before! I like the picture of it too!!!!

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Doesn’t Matter

They've found an enormous part of space
where nothing of any form exists at all.
No planet, stars, and not a trace
of super nova, red dwarf, black hole or blazing ball.

It’s as empty as a footie fans head,
no sign of intelligent or single cell life.
Everything that could be, seems missing or dead,
not a suggestion of movement, noise or strife.

What name to give such emptiness?
As if a title would endow something more!
No factor or trait, there couldn’t be less
to attach a handle, to hang folk lore.

Particles make up nova, dark matter, ante matter
but black hole or whatever it really doesn’t matter.
© David L Atkinson April 2015

God Bless