Monday, 27 April 2015

Tuesday Food blog - below the line

The latest effort to raise money by public donation has been started by UNICEF. It is called 'living below the line' and you can click on the link to sign up or donate.

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As with all of these appeals there is a liberal use of emotive pictures of starving children. The title comes from the fact that there are a colossal number of children living on less than £1 a day and you can join in by living on that amount for 5 days. I suppose the plan is to have you feel as hungry and as deprived as the children do but then of course you can go back to your normal expenditure after those few short days.
Whether you take part or not is up to you, I won't do for the simple reason that as an older person my food buying isn't that much greater and I give you an example. 

My menu for a day this week.
Fresh orange juice, 1 glass                             10p
Porridge made with fully skimmed milk        17p
Banana                                                            20p
Pork chop with peas carrots and potatoes       93p
Individual apple pie                                        14p
Ham and cheese sandwich                              70p
Ginger biscuit                                                  15p

Total                                                           £2. 39

Now I have chosen the above list from a day before I knew of the below the line campaign. The above list of food was me being relaxed about what I wanted to eat and so there are items on the list that I could easily have missed out. Those items should be fairly obvious, the apple pie, the chocolate biscuit the cheese in the sandwich. That would reduce the value of the days food to £1.90 for a full day and still give me more than enough to eat.

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I make no judgement on the below the line campaign that is up to you the reader, but I do believe that in a country where more and more people are using food banks and the super rich have doubled their personal wealth since 2009, there are additional sources of relief that could be dipped into other than the ordinary man in the street.

Soapbox moment reared its ugly head when I started thinking about the above food campaign. If there weren't quite so many involved in making a profit in the food industry, food wouldn't be as expensive and the daily bill would be even less! 

God Bless