Monday, 13 April 2015

Tuesday Recipe - Indian Fish Pie

This recipe is the result of the opening of a new wet fish shop! Is it a case of the tail wagging the dog?

Indian Fish Pie

I really enjoy fish. Have I said that less than a couple of million times? A local magazine advertised a shop selling all manner of fish and seafood and I fancied fish pie so went to examine their wares. The prices were good and the quality looked great so I bought smoked haddock, salmon and king prawns at around £2/head. Fish is expensive.
The Indian aspect of the dish comes from curry powder and coriander in the filling along with a special ingredient that doesn't appear in the standard recipe. The topping was decidedly messy, consisting of grated potato, onions and more heat from cayenne pepper, although it tasted good.
The greens on the plate are not something you will find in the supermarket. They are the tops of purple sprouting broccoli, sautéed in butter with black pepper and sea salt. Sweet!
The secret ingredient in the filling of the pie is also from the garden of a close friend. The recipe includes spinach which I find bitter and can be overpowering, which I was discussing with a friend who is a keen gardener. He suggested sprout tops! Yes the tops of Brussels sprout plants, he told me they were quite sweet so I tried some and have to agree that they went very well with the fish. Once again you won't find them in supermarkets but if you know someone with a garden or allotment they are quite edible and tasty, AND free.

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In the midst of the electioneering a term that is reiterated frequently is 'fairness' and yet I have come across a very unfair situation which is far from fair and which affects every working person in the country.
National Insurance is in essence a tax that all working people pay and that was originally used for the funding of public services and pensions. The detailed figures are available on the link below but a summary goes as follows,

Earn between £5832 and £42384/year and your contribution to National Insurance is 10% of your wages.
Earn over £42384 and you only pay 2%

I contacted Paul Lewis of Radio 4's Money Box and he sent me a couple of views which I include. 

When I pointed out the figures he replied,

You're right that NI falls at the higher rate tax threshold, in fact from 12% for most people to 2%. Tax gain for better off


Politicians never admit this bonus for the better off above £42,385

(courtesy of Paul Lewis)

If one was being wholly cynical it could be claimed that this was down to the fact that the MPs themselves would have to pay more NI if they were to adjust the rates up for the more wealthy.

Politically there is an opportunity to reduce the rate below the threshold by perhaps 1% putting more money into ordinary people's pockets and increasing the top rate to 5% which would pay for the reduction for the lower paid and increase revenue to help the ailing NHS.

God Bless