Thursday, 16 April 2015

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I meant to write about some positive feedback received a week or so ago. It happens so rarely and yet being involved in soapbox jumping, political observation and so on and I deflected away from positives about my writing. So today I'm going to 'blow my own trumpet.'

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So when is it okay to sell yourself? In fact I was brought up to believe that remaining modest was the best way to live life. So the area of trying to sell my wares has been difficult for six years which is as long as I've been writing.
Obviously the unsolicited praise is something that can be fairly passed on without seeming big-headed or arrogant. So without further ado,

You and your work are both liked at Venture Galleries

Caleb, Stephen and Venture Galleries have been wonderfully supportive throughout the last six years. They have serialised some of my books, as well as bought and reviewed them.
I am grateful.

Similarly I have supporters in other parts of the USA and Canada who have bought everything I've written which is wonderful.

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CtK, Battyeford

I've had bags of support from people at my church.

Several people bought and ploughed through my first novel, 'I Have To Get It Right', warts and all! I know it wasn't brilliant, had grammatical stumbling blocks, formatting errors and run through with galloping naivete, but they stuck by me. On top of that many of the people who stuck with the first novel have bought all of my subsequent efforts and I know have appreciated the development of my ability as a writer.

Now I know that people who have emotional links to you tend to be prepared to spend a little cash to lend support, but some of those have also expressed a desire to see the next and the next, putting some pressure on me to write more quickly! Its a backhanded compliment but rewarding.

Something that has been said about 'Cessation', my only novel that stands alone and is not a Steele adventure story, which I find amazingly flattering. It has been said of this dystopian excursion that it would make and I quote, 'a great TV series'. 

The story is a trip into the not too distant future in Yorkshire, and what would occur if the National Grid failed and there was no more electricity. It is an exploration of how people would cope, their relationships, and the depth to which some personalities would sink to survive. I considered it my best work when I'd completed it and still feel that it offers an example of my ability to write in different genres.

I do wish I knew what to do about TV serialisation.

Thus far I've not mentioned the poetry writing because it is such a personal reflection of what is going on in life but I have the two collections. Some examples have been used to encourage meditation and that's a huge indirect compliment.

My feeling now is that the trumpet has been blown, and I know I haven't talked about what a good writer I am now, in comparison with those early days, but I believe that I am better. I don't believe that I'm perfect and I have ideas regarding future development but I believe that if you invest in my work you won't be disappointed.

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My 10 books as of December 2014

 My hero was created post recession and so has no concept of how 'good' things were pre-2008. In 'I Have To Get It Right' when he began to flex his muscles he was working in an accountant's office. Then after the Gurentai took him under their wing and removed all of his financial worries, it was justice that was his major concern. He did become involved in international relations in 'The 51st State' but it was for the maintenance of a respectful distance between countries, rather than economic reasons. His trips into the USA had repercussions which can be read about in 'The Biter Bit' but then by the time things began to change in 2011 and the recession was really biting, Steele was trying to make sense of the state of the nation in 'A Changed Reality' and coming up against some really nasty people taking advantage of the shortage of money. By the time the USA are out of their recession Steele's steps are still being dogged by an unknown enemy from the same country. In 'Inceptus' we also find out more about what makes the man tick. The most recent Steele book 'Castled' where Steele is once again at risk from unseen enemies. It would seem that he has become quite recession proof!
The most recent addition to the Steele family is Earth plc in which our hero is concerned with political and emotional issues in this crime fighting adventure.

All books are available in paperback or ebook through Amazon, Smashwords and all good book shop websites.

This is a dystopian story that hinges directly on the state of the nation as a result of fiscal mismanagement. Having said that it is more a story of human relations, privations, love and loss.

Poetry - there are also two thoughtful collections of poetry available solely through Amazon.

God Bless