Sunday, 26 April 2015

Writing - Conspiracy theories

My father worked down the pit, mum was a domestic goddess having been a civil servant in her early life. So nothing controversial and yet they both brought me up to the idea that you shouldn't believe everything you see and hear in the media. So where did the thirst for conspiracy theory?

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It could be partly psychological and understandable. If you are working in a fairly mundane job, spend time following the news, then there may well be a sense of dissatisfaction and the human mind, being the wonderful thing that it is, allows the imagination to run wild.
On the other hand,

Area 51 USA - aliens landed

Flight MH370 - lost at sea or taken by terrorists + several other ideas. Since then I've had it suggested that the plane was flown to somewhere in Europe, the passengers set free then the plane re-designate MH17 flown over Ukraine and shot down by Russians to generate more momentum in the strife in that country.

USA never landed men on the moon!

And, a developing furore over the happenings of 9/11.

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This theory could supply a superb theme for a story. There are three elements to what happened on that fateful day. 
Firstly, the two towers collapsing in the way that they did. They came down in a classic demolition style. When a building is blown up engineers use as little explosive as possible to get the maximum affect. So the idea is to have the weight of the building destroy itself by 'breaking' it so that gravity takes over and the building drops vertically downwards. The idea that the heat travelled downwards and destroyed the metal frame of the building surely would have taken many more hours than actually occurred.

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Building 7

Building 7, marked on the aerial shot above, was part of the World Trade Centre complex, was less damaged than buildings closer to the WTC, and collapsed after 5pm a good seven hours after the twin towers fell. The building was empty and had been used by security services in the past. Also if it collapsed as a result of the fire then it will be the first ever steel framed building to totally collapse due to fire. Other facts,
(a) Building 7 wasn't covered in the Twin Towers report
(b) 43% of Americans knew nothing about building 7

There are more discrepancies connected to Building 7.

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Pentagon 9/11

Finally, the damage done to the Pentagon is hardly consistent with an aeroplane flying into it, for one thing there is no damage from the wings. Strangely for such a sensitive building the only footage of the 'plane' crashing came from the camera on an access barrier and later a shot from a nearby hotel. It is more consistent with missile damage and none of the released footage shows a Boeing 757.

So the whole issue of 9/11 is in question and apparently the concerns are growing that this was a terrorist attack using rockets.

Well I hope this blog has stirred up the memory banks and generated some questions in minds about seemingly normal occurrences. Can you really trust the government services that owe their existence to your taxes?

God Bless