Sunday, 19 April 2015

Writing - Don't be discouraged

This lunchtime I was asked when I wrote 'Inceptus' and eventually worked out the it would have been the early part of 2013.

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This is book 5 of the Steele series and the title comes from the fact that I wanted to share more of Patrick Steele's raisin d'etre, which is also reflected in the cover design. Everyone advises writers to write from where they're at and this story is based in Ireland and places I've visited in that beautiful land. My friend reflected on those places as he was with me on the holiday that fed into the memories.
He also effused over how much he'd got into the story.

As a writer, that is the type of feedback that makes it worth getting up in the morning. It is also an indication of where a writer is in his/her development. Some authors are really fortunate and hit gold with their first efforts but for most of us the art develops with practice, and we often have no idea of how good or otherwise that we've become.

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In fact writer's, as with other artists, have to have faith that they're doing a good job. I am sure that J K Rowling had moments of self-doubt but kept going because of that inner belief that she was doing a good job. I know that I've used Colin Dexter (Inspector Morse) and Ian Rankin (Rebus) as examples as to the fact that writing is an art that develops with practice. The same is true for all of us who dip our pens and begin to scribe. So don't be discouraged as sometimes it takes a while for the feedback to come to you.

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If you've entertained the idea of writing it is a door that is ajar and if you put the metaphorical pen to paper then that's when the fun starts. Know that it is an activity without externally set boundaries. Writing is making songs, poems, stories both long and short, articles and many other forms that allow the writer to express themselves and in doing so to draw their readers into their world. The activity must come with warnings about time consumption and exclusion of others as it is addictive and pleasurable. 

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There are loads of different types of writing and in these modern times that have added the internet it comes with a variety of audiences and styles. In a way it is interesting when people say that reading has gone out of fashion that there are so many ways of writing and if you write then surely it is so that someone will be reading what has been produced. So don't give up on the idea whether it is 140 characters or 60k words, someone will read your work.

God Bless