Saturday, 25 April 2015

Writing - Here is the news

In the midst of electioneering and remembrance services some lighter stuff.

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1. Shipwrecked 170-year-old champagne tastes "grilled, spicy, smoky, and leathery".

And salty?

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2. The first sports bra was made from two jock straps.

Hope they were washed first.


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3. Your body odour genes may make you tastier to mosquitoes.

Mine must be particularly alluring.


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4. You can make perfume from rain.

As some perfumes are water-based this is not that surprising.


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5. Nearly half of Americans - 150 million people - live in earthquake risk zones.


6. The ocean economy is valued at $24tn, the seventh largest in the world.


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7. Chewing something can partially excise "earworms".

Yes - it opens the Eustachian Tube which then allows the worm to slide down to the back of the throat, where it does a couple of laps of the tonsils, and climbs right back up into the ear canal!


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8. Alex Salmond changed his signature after being told off by the Queen for having messy writing.


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9. Vultures surf on the heat of power plants.



10. "Roadman" is northern slang for someone who thoroughly knows his area.

Whose north?

God Bless