Thursday, 9 April 2015

Writing - Some situations are unavoidable

If you are a regular reader of this contribution to the world's ocean of words you will be aware of the fact that I have several soapbox topics, or pet hates, which exercise me for any number of reasons. One of these is the waste of money on needless research. Today's example is a belter!!!

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I know my place!

Many of you may be too young to have ever seen the above sketch which was about class and knowing ones place in society but that is not my focus. A piece of research has been published today which says that if you are short, little, below average height or whichever adjective you choose to describe on being vertically challenged, you have a greater likelihood of heart problems. Well that's me f****d!
In all honesty how can you take that seriously as a piece of research. I'm sure that such health researchers will eventually discover that breathing oxygen is related to heart disease. My point is that it is a waste of money.
If you consider what it means for a family of tall people, where Dad is 6' 2, children grow to be 6' + all excepting the runt of the litter who hits a mere 5'10''. Does that little one worry about their health now? The British Heart Foundation suggests that a healthy lifestyle is important irrespective of height in a statement which says that short people shouldn't worry.
Of course in the family situation there is a huge variable that has not been mentioned and that is the height of the partners producing the children. The research is into the DNA of tall and short people as linked to heart defects but that seems to be a step away from reality. I have had some education in genetics and the combination of the gene pool of two individuals brings about variation. Surely a short person having DNA with heart disease genes who then marries a tall person without such genes could produce children some of whom may be tall and some short either of which could have the heart disease genes. Perhaps Charles Darwin and my tutors were wrong!

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A punchline to the above is that 'height increases the risk of cancer'! It could all be rather terrifying if we took notice of everything that is thrown at us in the name of research. As writers we need to research and even with verifiable physical situations we can use artistic licence to bend the facts to suit our needs. I would suggest that the lottery that is the combination of two sets of genes to produce a child creates a being with similarities and differences from its parents. In my mind that is nature's 'artistic licence' bending what is expected to fox those hell bent on categorising the human animal into some kind of predictable biological entity.

And going back to the title of the blog how can you avoid being 5' 6'' tall, or 6' 6'' for that matter, so the research is of little benefit to anyone but those doing the work. At least research we carry out can be shared by everyone.


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