Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Poetry Thursday 159 - A political theme

It seems to have been forgotten that great empires eventually fall into decline even our own has shrunk to relatively small proportions to the point where naming it an empire is a little optimistic.
This week's poetry is inspired by the fact that we have had five or six weeks of campaigning leading to the general election taking place today.

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The poem, Ozymandias, refers to the sight as depicted in the above photo with the 'stern face' of the leader lying in the sand by the legs of his statue. Speaks volumes when likened to empires and great leaders.
So what of our political situation?

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Seven leaders from which to choose,
will there be six of them who lose?
Seven people with families and lives
outside of the much orated lies.
Seven budding PMs living in hope
of number 10 but how will they cope?
Seven men and women with all their frailties
attempting to convince us of their abilities.
It may be 2 winners
or 3 winners
or more,
They could be back knocking on the door.
© David L Atkinson May 2015

Protest Poetry

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Napolean said of politics,

'In politics, never retreat, never retract, never admit a mistake'

Over the last six weeks we've seen this mantra in action on many occasions which has a poetic ring to it spanning the centuries.

Princess Charlotte

Image result for princess charlotte Elizabeth diana

The new royal baby born this week.

Welcome to the world precious little girl,
enjoy a simple life while you can.
The world will want to envelope you in a whirl
of flashing lights, stories and publicity.
Hold your Mum and Dad preciously in your heart
there will be times when you can't.
Intrusive forces will come between and drive you apart.
Be strong and drag them back to you.
Charlotte Elizabeth Diane you own your parents
not the cold, grasping outsiders.
Always keep them in your conscience
and they will never wear out.
© David L Atkinson May 2015

God Bless