Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Poetry Thursday 160 - As I have been loved

There are a plethora of words in the Bible about love, far be it from me to improve on perfection, but inspiration can come from anywhere.
The first poem focusses on the ambivalent nature of relationships.

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Holding Hands

To have a hand to hold
is to share a moment.
A starting point for swapping emotions.
The precursor to exquisite joy or pain.

Then there could be a next step of burning,
frantic passion – short-lived.
Happy laughter and unbridled trust.
But then what next?

Division of roads or consolidation?
Parting of the ways or unquestioned faith?

Years pass by and passion may wane
but is replaced by something spiritual.
A melding of two souls which allows
Insults and swearing without hurt!

A different, darker path awaits those
who never meld!
How do you know when it is right
and the joining is permanent?

Is it better not to trust the soul
to anyone but God?
Better or just safer?
© David L Atkinson May 2015

This second focus is not on love but the significance, or otherwise, of life.

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The Drop

As the pebble drops from original sin
it encounters the detritus of life, and some sticks.
The fall, unchanged, continues at the
finite pace of all such journeys.
Other tumbles may travel in parallel
but the drop never changes
arrowing towards death’s pool.
 It can appear that pebbles join
but their target never alters.
No influences can change the end.
When the pebble hits
ripples move outward, intersecting,
rebounding and spreading to infinity.
© David L Atkinson May 2015

This piece is a simplification of John 15: 7 - 19

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Greater love

Love each other as your Father has loved you.
Remember the rules and stay in love.
If you follow these rules you will know true joy.
Love as I have loved.

There is no love greater than dying for friends.
So follow love like My love.
Trust and be prepared to die for your friends.
Love each other.
© David L Atkinson May 2015

There is no greater compliment than someone who reads your work and shows appreciation. This happened to me today. 

God Bless