Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Poetry Thursday 162 - Summer balls and speaking in tongues

A strange collection this week but in many ways truly reflective of this week. In sport there are lots of competitions coming to a climax and being replaced by summer sports and the church is coming to the end of Easter and there is the feast of pentecost at hand.

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There are cricket balls,
rugby balls,
golf balls
and footballs.

We use tennis balls,
air balls,
medicine balls
and Pilates balls.

We have beach balls,
squash balls,
hockey balls,
and snooker balls.

We kick the ball,
we hit the ball,
we throw the ball
and pass the ball.

We catch the ball,
we spin the ball,
we play the ball
and we punch the ball.

We watch the ball,
we square the ball,
we fire the ball
and save the ball.

We punt the ball,
we belt the ball,
we hold the ball
and we drop the ball.

Its summer again!
© David L Atkinson May 2015

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I read in church this morning from ACTS 2:1 - 21. This is the reading in which the disciples of Jesus are imbued with the Holy Spirit and are able to 'speak in tongues'. The poem is written in Latin, English, Japanese and French.

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Speaking in Tongues

In nomine Patris
the name of the Father
au nom du Pere.

Et Fili
and the Son
to Ko
et du Fils

Et Spiritu Sancte
and the Holy Spirit
to Seirei
et du Saint Esprit

© David L Atkinson May 2015

I believe if the English was removed from each verse the sense would still come through.
In the passage that I read the disciples were cynically described as having been drinking 'new wine'.

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Filled with new wine

Every year this season raises questions
of the faith and the belief and the truth.
Over two thousand years of trying
hasn’t clarified for elder or youth.
Clergy speak of dread in trying to deliver
a message which makes their faith quiver,
so how are we ordinary folk
in our simplicity, expected to cope?
Filled with new wine at nine o’clock,
rather than pulpit, but more of a dock,
which words can they choose
so the expectant audience don’t lose?
The depth of the meaning of speaking in tongues
is just as confusing, whether whispered,
or bellowed from ecclesiastical lungs,
at the faithful crowd faith enlisted.
Perhaps that’s the answer, to not look too deep,
but accept the magic like dreams while asleep.
Believe in a spirit all-encompassing from above,
that bestows on its followers the feeling of love.

© David L Atkinson May 2015

God Bless