Monday, 25 May 2015

Tuesday Food Blog - Chicken marengo

Legend has it that chicken marengo was a dish hastily invented by Napoleon's cook from whatever ingredients he could gather together after the French leader's narrow victory in the battle of Marengo in 1800.

Chicken Marengo

The battle was fought against the Austrians in Italy at Marengo on June 14th and perhaps there is no coincidence that this meal is quite Italian in style. It is rich in tomatoes, garlic and onions and would serve well with pasta as well as the rice that I chose. The garnish of a fried egg actually goes better with the rice than the chicken, but it was suggested in the BBC History magazine from whence I obtained this simple version of the dish.

The recipe can be found on the TAB above.

This was a single meal which I rarely do over the weekend. Being a single person I tend to prepare meals that will serve over three or four days. This is quite often because supermarkets don't always cater for the single person. The remainder of the multi-pack of chicken went into a similarly Italian style casserole which has elements of the Jewish cholent I have featured previously.

chicken casserole

The elements of cholent is principally putting the new potatoes in the casserole as opposed to cooking and serving them separately. There are a few additions which I have picked up from a variety of chicken casserole recipes of which there are a great number. For flavour I added a rasher of bacon and mushrooms. There should really be celery in there as well but as I can't stand the stuff the substitute was a leek. Like all casseroles you can add in your preferred ingredients and serve it as you will but by including the potatoes this is really a one pot dish.

God Bless