Sunday, 17 May 2015

Writing - 10 things

Things are wide, varied and numerous - week by week we see different things! Some things are interesting and some are funny, some are unusual and others common place, whatever we all experience things.

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1. The world's favourite colour is blue.

As I'm immensely predictable I concur.

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2. Micro pigs are offered to stressed students at the University of Exeter to help ease their exam fears.

They make me want to take exams again.
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3. To quit smoking, penalties work better than reward incentives.

Nothing like a bit of punishment to focus the attention.
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4. Radiohead's Thom Yorke appears on the front of an Iranian self-help book about marital and sex problems.

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5. A drugs test can detect cocaine use from a fingerprint.


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6. The strength of your handshake could predict the risk of a future heart attack or stroke, and is a stronger indicator of death than checking blood pressure.

This is a no thing article because it doesn't explain how or why!

7. The UK has more lesbian, gay or bisexual MPs than anywhere in the world.


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8. Ants use their powerful jaws to catapult themselves out of "death traps".


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9. Endangered Andean frogs are being made into "smoothies" in Peru as a supposed natural Viagra and cure for illnesses.

Could put you off smoothies for life - if you were ever on them!


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10. Stone Age mourners marked their respect by placing flowers on graves.

Old habits die hard.

This is what VG say about the book.

In our mission of connecting readers, writers, and books, Venture Galleries is beginning a new series, offering sample chapters from some of the best writers we know. Our Thursday Sampler is from The 51st State by British author David L. Atkinson. Want a good international thriller? This is the one.

I'm blushing as I type! The link is below and the book is available in all formats from Amazon and Smashwords.

God Bless