Thursday, 14 May 2015

Writing - Black spider letters

Prince Charles's 'black spider letters' have been published. The future King Charles III has opinions and like all people some of his ideas are brilliant, some daft and most have a point.

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I am an unashamed Royalist and believe that we are fortunate to have a Royal family that are politically aware, and a family that is developing as do all families and assimilating the changes that occur in the ordinary world. Not only that Prince Charles is an experienced man who has learned throughout his life and it could be argued has much to offer.

Then we have jumped up MPs questioning whether Charles should write to government. Simple answer - of course he should!

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Robert Heinlein

The real point of the blog are the letters. I featured one over the weekend from a soldier who'd written a letter in case of his death which sadly occurred and then was read out at the VE Day celebrations. Ray Bradbury wrote a fan letter to Robert Heinlein in 1976, as have many authors in the past. Indie authors like myself often write to fellow authors. There is a tacit understanding there I think.

The fact that I'm writing about writing letters has come from these recent examples that have come my way. I am currently reading Christina Carson's 'Accidents of Birth' and will be writing to her when I have completed the second book.

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These letters are a testimonial to the fact that we still need to encourage children to write in that form. In many ways they are the basis of longer methods of communication and I personally believe there will always be reasons for putting pen to paper.


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Now by way of an advertisement I received an email from Caleb Pirtle from VG this afternoon (Thursday). They have started a new sampling section to their blog and have featured 'The 51st State'

This is what VG say about the book.

In our mission of connecting readers, writers, and books, Venture Galleries is beginning a new series, offering sample chapters from some of the best writers we know. Our Thursday Sampler is from The 51st State by British author David L. Atkinson. Want a good international thriller? This is the one.

I'm blushing as I type! The link is below and the book is available in all formats from Amazon and Smashwords.

God Bless