Saturday, 16 May 2015

Writing - Crystal ball gazing

We all do it - try and  guess what's coming next. 

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It is part of life to try and prepare oneself for what may be round the corner and yet we have no real control over the future. Have you ever bought a lottery ticket, entered a competition or hoped that you will get the job you've applied for? We are all the same and authors are no exception.

As I get closer to publishing my ninth Steele novel, not only am I considering what I am going to do next but there is also that 'perhaps this is the one' feeling. When we publish and put stories out there to be read it is always a possibility that someone somewhere, with influence in the publishing industry, will come across your work and deem it worthy. I believe that it is better to remain true to your own ideals even though that may lead to no publishing than adapt style, genre and whatever to attain a publishing deal.

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Grayson Perry's Essex House

Artist Grayson Perry has been in the news recently over his 'Essex House' pictured above. It is an amazing idea that he has realised and it has brought criticism and plaudits in almost equal amounts. He had some interesting comments about his art and its popularity one of which was about his work being like Marmite - you either love it or hate it. Perry also said words to the affect that if you want to be successful produce bland work rather than being true to your own ideas.

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I couldn't agree more. Art in all of its forms is an intensely personal activity and publishers having sway over what receivers of art is rather like the tail wagging the dog. However, like all aspects of 21st century life - money rules!

The Essex House is amazing even if you don't like the style - well worth delving into it further - there is even a wonderful back story to the interior.

Now by way of an advertisement I received an email from Caleb Pirtle from VG. Their blog featured 'The 51st State'

This is what VG say about the book.

In our mission of connecting readers, writers, and books, Venture Galleries is beginning a new series, offering sample chapters from some of the best writers we know. Our Thursday Sampler is from The 51st State by British author David L. Atkinson. Want a good international thriller? This is the one.

I'm blushing as I type! The link is below and the book is available in all formats from Amazon and Smashwords.