Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Writing - The end is nigh!

I haven't become a doomsday prophet but I am almost at the end of writing the eighth Steele novel.

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I am actually writing more slowly as the need to edit approaches - it never will be one of my favourite tasks! I have a couple of possibilities for a cover.

Doxford House

The title of the book is still Grace and Favour which is a surprise to me. Usually I pick a 'handle' to create my files when I begin writing a book but out of convenience. The 'real' title is something that comes out of the process of writing the story. On this occasion I selected the title and have come to appreciate the fit it gives with what is inside the covers of the book. It is political to a degree!

The term 'grace and favour' has the following meaning,

grace and favour home is a residential property owned by a monarch by virtue of his or her position as head of state and leased rent-free to persons as part of an employment package or in gratitude for past services rendered. Some are owned by UK charitable trusts.

Now the above definition may suggest that I'm a pro-Royalist writing about the Royal family - not the case! This new novel is very much a Steele story with accompanying crime and injustice which our hero does his best to solve. However, I am a Royalist!

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Writing colleague Caleb Pirtle has distributed details of a writing competition open world wide on Venture Galleries. There is a small charge ($10/£6.28) and quite stringent submission parameters but the rewards could be great.

Watch this space for launch news for Grace and Favour

God Bless