Sunday, 24 May 2015

Writing - Libraries

Books are a part of life. This is a fact that goes back hundreds of years and collections of books are personal libraries. I've been looking at a part of my library along with those of others.

This is a variation on a mobile library and could be described as carrying your own comfort zone around with you.

I always take books on holiday but this could be going a bit far - and thank goodness for e-readers.

You just have to love this from the point of view of concept, style and innovation.

and this!

Finally, making a user friendly for future readers is essential.

I photographed a little of my current library. I find that my collection changes and moves around almost constantly and this is part of my current reading and concerns.

Reading is an important part of my life to the extent that I can't remember a time, boy or man, when I haven't been a reader. Now that I'm retired from going out to work I read even more than in my early years.
Above you see two books that are part of my current coffee table library. I am coming to the end of Stephen Hawking's book and have had a glance at 'Sunderland - Building a city' which is the history of my home city. I have this library because when the TV has bored me and I want to continue my education, there is something to stimulate the old grey matter.

The above is a tiny section of my bookcases but it encapsulates much of my favourite reading as well as my efforts as an author. It ranges from the Bible to Charles Dickens and even includes some children's books bought for use in school when I taught.
The two shown are 'Sid the Mosquito' and 'Attila the Bluebottle' by Colin Thompson who began life as an illustrator then took to writing these stories about life in a suburban garden. The third book is 'Venus the Caterpillar' which seems to have disappeared - it will probably be languishing on some classroom bookcase. Well worth a read.
The point is that libraries are dynamic, attractive and informative but they have a life of their own and continue to grow. They also have a trait which is causing concerns in British society these days and that is a tendency towards obesity. They keep getting bigger and rarely do the owners take the time to slim them down. However, unlike the human condition, they offer better health and enhanced education. 

So my message is to look after your library it could turn out to be more valuable than you realised was possible.

God Bless