Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Writing - More haste

In the aftermath of the election three parties' leaders resigned. UKIP's Nigel Farage was reinstated yesterday (Monday), but the Lib Dems and Labour Party are going to take months to find new leaders.

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I understand the reasoning behind the saying 'more haste, less speed' but in some circumstances fast, accurate thinking is what is needed. The fact that Nigel Farage is the only real option as leader totally explains the re-instating but for the other two parties, particularly the Labour Party, pondering on a replacement for Ed Miliband over a period of months is effectively giving the Conservatives a free ride for as long as that process takes. They made the same mistake in appointing Ed and still got it wrong.

I remember as part of my education, decision making being divided into four types.


The slow/accurate model the Labour party are adopting is no guarantee of success as it could be inaccurate.

Writing involves a plethora of decision making and the need to maintain a pace in stories tends to the faster models as mentioned above. In a novel of 60k+ words there isn't much in the way of options to slowly develop a theme or character. I think that when we write serials it allows us to have some less pacey development. This I have found with Patrick Steele. Not only has he developed over the years but also he has changed which time over eight books has allowed.

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Now this last point is important because it suggests long term planning and as anyone who has read many of my blogs I just don't plan. However, what does happen as I'm writing, is the character takes responsibility for story development, therefore development and changes that occur thereafter. It is how I write and I have heard of quite a few other authors working in similar ways. 

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So if you find planning onerous and that it gets in the way of progress, then allow your imagination to sail free and you may be pleasantly surprised.

God Bless