Saturday, 23 May 2015

Writing - More news clips

Writers keep their eyes and ears open all of the time to pick up snippets of information that may be useful in their production of stories. Some of the 'snippets' this week may be useful and some not so. I wonder how many wives of the not so rich would appreciate rewards for doing what they expect to be able to do on a daily basis?

Read on!

Image result for tom cruise

1. Tom Cruise advised Nasa on how to design their website.


Image result for Marseille loyalty cards

2. Drug dealers in Marseille offer loyalty cards.


Image result for guns left in toilets

3.Police at the US Capitol receive training to prevent them leaving their guns behind when they go to the toilet.

Wow!The number of questions this raises is legion.
Who does the training?
How many guns have been left in the toilets in the past?
Why have they taken their guns in there in the first place?
Why do the officers unship their guns while in the toilet?


Image result for scrabble

4. "Cazh", meaning casual, is now acceptable in Scrabble - as well as "lolz","shizzle" and "bezzy".

Slang has always been a part of language and is particularly prevalent amongst teenagers, but why use gibberish when there are plenty of proper words in English?


Image result for home made beer kit

5. It's possible to brew morphine using a home-made beer kit.

I missed a trick through college and the early years of adulthood!


6. Young blood can mend old broken bones.


Image result for crows and tools

7. Crows are protective of their tools - they tuck them under their toes or hide them in holes - even more so when higher up a tree.

An orifice for every tool!


Image result for strawberry

8. The modern strawberry was born after a French spy brought back a South American species from Chile in 1712.

That was a good move.


Image result for donkey and carrot stick

9. Wives of the super-rich in New York sometimes earn bonuses from their husbands for getting the children into prestigious schools or managing the home budget well.

Not that I'm saying the wives of the super-rich are donkeys but!!!!!


Image result for stone tools

10. Stone tools existed before the earliest humans.

Many animals use tools so this is hardly surprising.


God Bless