Friday, 1 May 2015

Writing - None so blind

My late mother had a plethora of sayings at her finger tips and used to trot them out appropriately as often as other folk respirate.

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The source of inspiration for the saying was politically motivated. Sayings and phrases have their place in stories, they can be useful to establish a personality of a particular type, but as with analogies that I referred to yesterday, they should come with a health warning - use sparingly. 
One source indicates that this saying 'there's none so blind as those who will not see' originated with John Heywood in 1546, while a different source puts it later with clergyman Matthew Henry who produced a slight variation. In all honesty it doesn't matter to those two gentlemen  but the phrase has its value. It can be quite provocative depending on the tone of voice with which it is delivered.


The saying came to mind listening to the leader of the Labour Party, Ed Milliband, denying that he would form a coalition government under any circumstances. Let me outline some simple truths that I'm sure Milliband and his advisors are aware of, the most obvious being that there will be a swing to the Scottish National Party from Labour. That would mean the number of seats Labour are likely to win would be well below the 326 necessary to form a government. The Labour party have 41 seats in Scotland and they stand to lose almost all of them. For that party to lose that many seats there would have to be a massive swing to labour in the rest of the UK. It won't happen. So why is Mr Milliband still reckoning that he can win an overall majority? It isn't a case of that at the current state of play he can't afford to be seen to favour any other party as possible partner in government, for fear of alienating members of his own party.

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So even less than a week away from the election all the leaders are furiously spinning political plates!

Looking into the subject of sayings and with my political brain cell currently active I found some interesting examples,

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This could well be attributable to Boris Johnson!

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I wonder if Margaret Thatcher (Falklands War) and Tony Blair (Iraq War) considered this American viewpoint before committing troops to fight and die.
Winston Churchill's life was littered with wars and his experiences made him the right man for the job in 1939-45 but he wasn't a great peace time PM.

Finally, I would say that the following from Ghandi is so important.

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God Bless