Thursday, 28 May 2015

Writing - Reviews and reviewing

This is a subject, which is an integral part of selling books, that I haven't spent time pushing too hard over the last six years. Having completed a review for Christina Carson, and being on the verge of launching Grace and Favour, I think it is time to have another go.

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As I have taken the time to review these excellent books I thought it pertinent to share my thoughts with my readers. 

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When I began reading this book I was concerned that the language of the black people, principally Miss Imogene Ware, would distract me from becoming absorbed by the plot. I was wrong! The language is handled brilliantly and enhances the story. Christina Carson has demonstrated tremendous skill in 'becoming' her central character and maintaining the necessary concentration to make this work. The story developed throughout this early part of the story, set in the deep south of the USA, is enjoyable and heart rending at the same time and as it progresses there is the threatening undercurrent of racial tension, all of which are handled brilliantly. As if that wasn't enough then Christina tackles the emotive subject of child abuse and its long term effects. The subject, Katie Sutton, is a tragic case and in her early life relies heavily on the love and support of Imogene. However, it is Miss Imogene, her relationship with God, and love, that provides an optimistic timbre to the story throughout the trials and tribulations that are realistically related. The philosophy of love that pervades the whole of the story is truly wonderful and irrespective of what genre of story you prefer, this is a must read. A brilliant exploration of human relationships.

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When continuing a story it can be difficult to maintain the tone and voice engendered in the first book. Christina Carson has maintained the sense of the story beautifully. The tragedy of the earlier part of the twentieth century develops through the 1960's including the death of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and the sluggish progress of integration between White and Afro-Americans in the US deep south. The long term results of child abuse are examined carefully and sympathetically, but Christina Carson maintains a sense of hope and even joy through the study of love carried out by the central character Mrs Imogene Ware. This is a beautifully and sensitively told story exploring some delicate issues that are current and relevant to relationships between people. A truly uplifting and thought provoking read by a highly skilful author.

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