Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Writing - What else have I got?

Apologies to Caleb Pirtle for 'borrowing' his blog title but I'm sure he won't mind. He is writing about Nashville and the music seen as well as writing but as I've started the process of publishing my 8th Steele novel what else have I got? is a reasonable question.

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Historically, I always wanted to write a book and it seems a long time ago that I actually put pen to paper for the first time and began for real. With the publication of Grace and Favour I will have written 9 novels (8 are featuring Steele) and produced 2 collections of poetry. More this time than when I've finished earlier work, I have been asking myself the question at the top of this page.
When the Malaysian airliner MH370 disappeared I thought I would investigate the possibility of writing that story and over the last few nights I've fitted the basic idea into a Steele novel. My interest was piqued recently by tales surrounding the 9/11 disaster in New York and that is something to consider also. In short what else I have is another book.

For those of you who aspire to write beware. Once drawn into this world you will never find your way out. As Caleb describes, when you write then you sleep, and write, sleep and write again and continue that routine daily. If asked when I will rest it will be when I'm laid in my casket. You're a long time dead.
Also to achieve success it is important to have an answer to the question above. So write a book, sell a book and write another. Continue until you have a portfolio that will pique the interest of the wealth of readers out there. According to Caleb and his partner Stephen Woodfin it is better to write three books of 60 000 than one epic of 150 000. Most of my books are between 60 000 and 70 000 words because it feels to work for me.

Hopefully the cover for Grace and Favour

Below is the cover information for the new Steele novel.

Steele’s life has changed markedly and yet he is required to once again to tackle a situation of injustice, but has concerns that he is being commissioned to act by the authorities.
Patrick is working alone trying to recover a youngster kidnapped from parents with a high profile role in the UK establishment. He is without the support of former allies, the Gurentai, and yet feels that the police and National Crime Agency, who have requested his involvement, have another agenda that isn’t necessarily in Steele’s interest.
The action is shared mostly between the UK and Canada. In the early stages of the case Patrick is chasing kidnappers across the continent of North America when disaster occurs and he is forced to return to the UK. While in Canmore, Alberta, Steele seeks solace from the apparent loss of his long-time partner and fiancée Naomi Kobayashi, in the arms of a local girl. However, Steele becomes aware that he himself seems to be being kept in the dark regarding the whole truth of the case and returns home.
Eventually Patrick’s home situation is threatened and it becomes necessary for him to take steps to protect himself and his team. All the while Steele has the feeling that he is not under control and in fact is being played like a pawn. In the end he takes steps to protect his and his team’s safety.
Has Steele bitten off more than he can chew? Where is his love life going? Are former allies, the Gurentai, targeting Steele? Will he recover the kidnapped child or will he fail and become subject of retribution by the authorities?
Read the latest adventures of Patrick A Steele.

I actually like the moment when I set a book out on the unsuspecting world and tell my friends that it is here and available and for Grace and Favour that day isn't too far away.

God Bless