Thursday, 7 May 2015

Writing - What's next? #amwriting

What should I do next? I am almost finished Grace and Favour and considering my next book.

It's not that there is a lack of inspiration, more a case of too many options and their suitability. I suppose it would be more straightforward if I was tied to a publishing house demanding my next Steele novel. In that case there are a number of possibilities,

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there is the Hatton Garden safety deposit theft over Easter;

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and, the mystery of Flight MH370.
Just two possibilities that Patrick A Steele could get his teeth into.

Then there is the drive to write something different and really that is where I'm starting from. I have a strange sense of guilt of leaving Steele behind and I haven't even started. I know that there are readers of Steele that will be wondering what I'm up to but then I'm hardly turning my back on a significant source of income - in fact the opposite.
So if you write and want to change genre really all you can do is begin. Its back to that old elephant, eat it one mouthful at a time.

Two other ideas that are circling at the moment are,

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The Magna Carta was signed at Runnymede in 1215 and really was about nobles and royalty. When there was all the publicity about it earlier this year it triggered my social injustice gene and I began to think about the ordinary folk of 1215, there lives and how they were affected, if at all, by what some consider a truly momentous occasion;

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and finally, from the point of view of writing from where you're at Sunderland in the 20th century. At first, when this suggestion was made to me, I immediately thought of the highly successful author Catherine Cookson who wrote about her native South Tyneside, and baulked at the idea but then my stories would be slightly later and a little further south.

The latter possibility brings me to something that I want to do eventually and that is to write an autobiography.

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New Silksworth 1950

I have some hang ups about writing my life story. I can remember my father commenting on the fact that a footballer, aged around 30 at the time, had produced his life-story. In a very small way Dad was quite scathing commenting that 'he (the player) hadn't lived yet!'
I know that at 65 I'm considerably older, I still feel too young!!! Don't laugh.

Well whatever I decide to write I have around a fortnight to make up my mind.

God Bless