Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Poetry Thursday 163 - Mirror, mirror

You will have to excuse my weak attempts at humour but having reflected over the last week there has been quite a stress on ones' reflection. It began with something called BDD, which I believe is a problem with self-awareness of body shape. The sufferers have great problems looking at their reflection because of how they see themselves. I tend to run past the mirror these days or at least walk by in the dark! 
Then there is the FIFA debacle in which the outgoing, recently elected president (!), should have looked a little closer in the mirror.

But we must move on. The poem below was written as the result of a challenge thrown out by my publisher 

Mirror, mirror

In the room, reflecting all,
a mirror, seemingly a passive medium,
with stony countenance adorns a wall,
with little to relieve the tedium.

It never lies in acquiescent being,
seeing every wrinkle and every line,
is neither cruel nor kind in reflecting,
interpretation in the recipients mind.

What is this returning image,
a scene of supernatural origin?
Misty and indistinct the visage,
a fearful portent of tainted creation.

A reaching hand, is it threatening?
No living secure human view.
Or perhaps only warmly beckoning,
drawing in to something new.

Is the mistiness reaching out,
to draw the observer to its heart?
Or is the watcher fading out,
allowing body and spirit to part?
© David L Atkinson June 2015

This poem is obviously more about the mirror than persons reflected.

Over the last few months there has been endless speculation about the way in which FIFA operates culminating several arrests for fraudulent behaviours. The President, Sepp Blatter aged 79, was re-elected president for a 5th term of 4 years last Friday. He resigned Tuesday. Haiku is a great way to express views on current affairs.

Sepp Blatter

Highness Sepp Blatter
Slippery as an ice slide
Will soccer suffer?

That was at the end of last week, and today:-

Sepp Blatter (2)

Sepp Blatter has gone
Soccer sighs a summer breeze
The failings of man

God Bless