Monday, 22 June 2015

Tuesday Food blog - A Belgian experience

I didn't do much in the way of cooking as it was a busy weekend but I recall a couple of very tasty meals eaten in Belgium on the outskirts of Brussels.

Image result for witte asperges met salmon
White asparagus with smoked salmon

White asparagus is something I'd never tried. It was quite a delicate taste and went very well with the smoked salmon and a tangy mayonnaise. A great introduction to my first gourmet meal in the country. 
The main course was also a newbie for me in the form of beef tartar served the Belgian way.

Image result for Belgian beef tartare
Belgian beef tartar

As I had never eaten steak or beef tartar there was nothing in my memory banks with which to compare the meal. So a blank slate! The meat was tender, almost creamy and went well with the crusty bread, baby gherkins and silver skin pickled onions. So there you have it, never too old to try new things - it may not be parachuting, bungee jumping or tightrope walking but eating raw meat would have my parents spinning in their graves God Bless them both.

Image result for belgian beer
Belgian beer

Of course, being in Belgium you have to try the beers. It is a stronger version of what we drink across the channel. In England we drink pints of much weaker, around 3.5 - 4.5%, brew which can be very pleasant or tasteless. These stronger beers have flavour, are served in smaller quantities and are usually around 9% proof. It's not a toy to be played with but needs savouring so that you enjoy the full range of tastes. The Duvel at 9.25% was my choice as it had a sharper, refreshing taste.


As an extra I travelled by Eurostar which was another first for me and enhanced the trip even more. The purpose of the excursion which was visiting my middle child and so in three days I crammed in quite a number of experiences. The train may yet appear in a future Steele novel.

God Bless