Friday, 26 June 2015

Writing - Dare to be different

It could be argued that blogs such as this are pointless and yet during the lives of most humans there comes a point when they question the validity of following rules. This often occurs in the formative years and older significant others will sagely explain it away as a 'phase', but following rules and norms can be a straight jacket to creativity.

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We humans are conditioned to live within society by conforming to standards that allow large numbers of the human animal (Desmond Morris's 'Naked Ape') to live in a relatively peaceful world. However, (sorry Michael Gove) there is an inbuilt desire within our species to explore alternatives and test boundaries. Artists, poets, writers, musicians, architects, engineers and many more creative people are involved in this exploration and testing. If this was not the case, once the rules of society were imprinted upon our psyche, no one would ever break them and society would produce people who were clones lacking creative thoughts or desires. Instead we get caught speeding, we make risky choices and we endeavour to produce artefacts from our unique perspective.

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As a result of this 'human nature' we have wonderful music and also music that pushes the boundaries of musical rules and constraints; we have beautiful paintings and then paintings like Dali's clocks (I love it!); and, we have stories as produced by classical authors and stories like those of Douglas Adams and Philip Pullman, probably classics in a different way.

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Tracey Emin

It is not wrong to explore ideas and push boundaries but receivers may not understand where the creator is coming from such as Tracey Emin and the like. Being different is always valuable because it disturbs the status quo and frees the ability to think for ourselves.

I am David L Atkinson and not great at thinking outside of the box. I like to think that I'm not too much of a clone as mentioned earlier but I was 'socialised' quite thoroughly throughout my life. On the other hand there has always been a feeling bubbling under the surface of my consciousness that has needed to explore the creative. The nature of my novel writing has tiny elements of the unconventional, Steele is not a standard hero model, Cessation is politically motivated describing a view resulting from manipulation by the wealthy; and, my poetry is closer to the exploration of free thought.

If you have that 'bubble of excitement' to create then please do so, it will keep you sane.

God Bless