Friday, 12 June 2015

Writing - Venture Galleries and a book launch

Book launching for me is like diving into a swimming pool and getting the timing wrong. 

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You end up slipping catching your big toe, and belly flopping but eventually you end up in there. Well I have some great friends who are helping out today.

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They are supporting me today so please have a look at Grace and Favour and if you're inclined come and buy one! To read more from Venture Galleries click on the link below

Grace and Favour is now available in paperback and e-versions.

Its finally on its way. Paperback versions are only available from currently. Please search under David L Atkinson and they do deliver pretty quickly.

There are currently two distributors who are covering the ebook version - follow this link,

To actually purchase from Smashwords it requires you to open account rather like Amazon, but the process is quite painless and it allows you to access for Kobo, Kindle, Nook, Barnes and Noble and many other outlets.

At the moment the Kindle version is available from Amazon, paperbacks will come later or now from the Completely Novel link above.
The link for Grace and Favour on Amazon is below,

Or once again search under Books/David L Atkinson and then scroll through to Grace and Favour.

God Bless