Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Poetry Thursday 168 - Being a serf

Since the Magna Carta was signed being a serf, an ordinary person, not that it was easy before. The majority of the countries wealth was held and controlled by a small minority of people, has anything changed in 800 years or so?

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George Osborne

Budget cuts

Diddle diddle dumpling George Osborne,

screwed the poor with his trousers on,

pay pound off tax pound on,

diddle diddle dumpling George Osborne

© David L Atkinson July 2015

Then there is the situation in Greece which the EU are worrying about but then its my belief that it is of their own making. It's true that the Greeks retired at too young an age, that there fiscal self-assessment wasn't accurate, but this is not the fault of the ordinary Greek people. As in all countries that mess up financially it is those in charge who are often greedy and cause the problems. The EU don't want to cope with that but those at the top have allowed the organisation to become too large and they will reap the problems. If Greece leave the EU currency or even the whole European Community will it be a disaster - I doubt it very much. Tourists will continue to go to Greece and the Greek exports will still be required and so I think to the ordinary people little will change.

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A Greek Tragedy

Greek debt is hot, Greek debt is cold,
Greek debt in Euros many years old,
Germans like it hot, French like it cold,
No one in Greece likes it young or old.
© David L Atkinson July 2015

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History of fiscal pain

Royalty fought expensive wars and
the peasants paid

The barons signed the Magna Carta and
the serfs paid

Businesses South Sea Bubble burst and
the poor paid

The greedy banks messed up and
the poor paid

Rich Greek politicians screwed their country and
the citizens paid

Avaricious energy companies demand more and
the customers paid

Rich USA families control the presidency and
the poor paid

Oil companies worry about their Middle East sources and
the poor paid

Osborne wants to clear the national debt and
guess who will pay!

© David L Atkinson July 2015

A bit of a soapbox session but relevant I feel.

God Bless