Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Poetry Thursday 169 - Human interference

I changed the title of the blog from the title of the first poem below after the second offering came to me. It seems more apt.
I'm in my sixties and have lived through times that, in terms of communication, range from rich folk had a telephone, to how old should a child be before they have their first mobile!

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To connect or not to connect

Wake up and plug in,
switch on and log in.
Check Facebook and Twitter,
and email and Triberr.
Off to work – phone to ear
unaware of front or rear.
Send text and email,
the death of snail mail.

Why talk to each other?
We can send electronic bits.
No need to meet another,
human contact is the pits.

The world runs on bytes,
buses, zeroes, ones and lights.
We shun people contact
and from evolving detract.
What will happen to sanity
art, music and creativity?
In the year 2525
will man be still alive?

All the imagined beauty
paintings, music and sculpture,
created without need or duty
but for the love of art and culture.

The human mind doesn’t run on rails,
progress comes on more devious trails.
Enhanced by chemical abuse
allowing ideas to escape from ill-use.
The unusual views and twisted stances
random steps in exotic dances.
Freedom to use all our skills
without constraint of daily sills.

Better is production without drive,
deviant thoughts, paint and stories.
Human imagery from being alive.
Life bursting forth in all its glories.
© David L Atkinson July 2015

I must give due acknowledgement to Zager and Evans for the lines,

In the year 2525
will man be still alive?

in their song 'In the year 2525'. The link is below if you want to listen to the whole song.

The above was an example of many protest style songs that lodged into my mind and has coloured my view of the world and those running it.

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Sit quietly if you can.
An almost impossible ask.
Imposing sounds of man,
interfering in every task.
© David L Atkinson July 2015

This poem could have been so much longer but sometimes less is more!

God Bless