Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Poetry Thursday 171 - Lords and immigrants

Current affairs have generated poetry for centuries so it should be unsurprising that my two offering are about the House of Lords and the immigration situation at our borders.

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There seems to be status in peers,
an elevation over the ordinary man,
a pedestalled cream without fears,
regulating their actions as they can.

Older people given rank and privilege,
rich robes, pomp and ceremony.
A historical throwback to a bygone age,
no purpose in the 21st century.

An upper house the elevated safeguard,
peopled by vulnerable beings.
Revolution is needed in that house of card
to re-direct their purpose of watching.

The populace is aware of human frailty,
it knows about temptation
and deserves representative security,
a comfort blanket for the nation.
© David L Atkinson July 2015

In light of the death of another immigrant trying to storm his way into the country from Calais I had to ask the question why? The examples below are a limited selection of what is not good here.

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Why do they come?

Why do they come to a country?
Cold in summer,
cold in winter,
with unrelieved damp atmosphere.

Why do they come to a country to queue?
To wait in line for everything,
and then receive sometimes nothing,
generating a sense of injustice.

Why do they come to a country of crowds?
To live on a packed island,
leaving their own spacious land.
A psychologically disturbing trip.

Why do they come to a country of need?
A place with child poverty and food banks,
leaving a country with similar ranks.
Have they come out of greed?

Why do they come to a country of English?
That is living in a divided society.
Do they see the benefits of the wealthy,
and take on a shade that is greenish?

Why do they come to a country – stay home!
Grass on the other side is never greener.
Stay at home and learn of your own area,
and exploit your resources.
© David L Atkinson July 2015

God Bless