Monday, 6 July 2015

Tuesday Food Blog - Bacon and egg tortellini

I'm not a lover of salad but its summer so I was looking for something cooler and lighter for meals.

Bacon and egg tortellini

This is a very quick and tasty meal that works either hot or cold. It is also something that would be okay fro breakfast, a supper or a main meal. It doesn't show well in the photograph but there are spring onions in there also. This is another recipe where variation is not only possible but an opportunity to be creative.

The recipe is on the relevant TAB at the top of the page.

Image result for campfires

While I was hunting for the recipe for last weekend I came across something called 'hobo packets' which seems to be a method of cooking over a camp fire. You put the food into a parcel made from cooking foil and put it on a grill over a camp fire or on a barbecue. Simple enough so to make this blog as 'live' as possible, as I write I'm cooking a hobo packet in my oven, no camp fires allowed in a first floor flat without garden or balcony, which I hope to consume for lunch. 

Hobo packet

The packet took a little longer to cook than I thought. In my oven I reckon 200 degrees C for an hour for the contents. I used new potatoes, bacon and spring onions and they cooked pretty well. The first recipe I saw was for chorizo and new potatoes but the bacon worked.

God Bless