Monday, 20 July 2015

Tuesday Food Blog - A fish finger sandwich

This week it is an old favourite with a new twist and a bit of a zing.

Fish fingers and pitta breads

As a child mother would occasionally serve up a fish finger sandwich with plenty of tomato ketchup for tea, that's the meal eaten around 5pm! I've spoken to many people who have declared their love for this strange combination. In some ways it is a little like the Yorkshire 'fish butty' with fish and bread soused in ketchup, but instead of batter you have breadcrumbs.
This week's version may seem posh but it isn't really it probably has more links with the post beer session supper as it even has the spiciness often craved after a good night in the pub. The spiciness comes from the mayonnaise and is so very easy to reproduce. Half a teaspoon of curry powder, a squeeze of lemon juice, stirred into a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise. I even used a 'light' version so that it wasn't as calorific!
I haven't put a separate recipe on the TAB because this is a meal more about assembly than cooking skills or special ingredients. Of course there is a recipe for making your own fish fingers but for the most part that is putting a coating of seasoned breadcrumbs on chunks of firm white fish with a little beaten egg. There is of course still good old Captain  Birdseye!

For the slightly inebriated you have a fish butty with curry flavoured mayonnaise - wonderful!

Image result for captain birdseye


Then of course there are left overs.

Toad in the Hole

Last week I had a few chorizo sausages, some new potatoes and sweetcorn with peas. I felt that was rather bland and then discovered an egg, plain flour and milk - naturally toad in the hole. It was quite an easy dish to produce, roast the sausages in the hot oven for ten minutes before pouring over the batter, then cook for around 30 minutes.

The toads in situ!

In these days of health and safety and the demise of common sense this meal would probably be banned, or at least prepared wearing goggles, a hard hat and a high viz jacket. The oven has to be very hot, then you have to pour batter on to the searingly hot oil and sausages!

If you try these kids make sure an adult is supervising.

God Bless