Monday, 13 July 2015

Tuesday Food Blog - Hobo packets and summer meals

It's summer and not the time for standing, perspiring in the kitchen while constructing meals and so I am experimenting with quicker, lighter repasts.

Pork steak with new potatoes etc

So a couple of pork steaks and a variety of trimmings were the orders for the weekend. Last week I referred to hobo packs and I tried three different combinations. Below is the pack with new potatoes and bacon.

Hobo pack

Hobo packs will cook on the barbecue or in the oven, they do say on the grill but  haven't tried that. I tried potatoes with black pudding added part way through the cooking time and that worked pretty well. That was from no recipe I've read. 
Finally, I returned to a published recipe for new potatoes and chorizo sausage. The oven setting was 175 degrees C, new potatoes were parboiled for 5 minutes and the chorizo sausage was divested of its skin and chopped into smaller pieces. I drizzled olive oil over the contents of the packet and added salt and pepper. The packet was in the oven for 45 minutes. The result was very tasty.

With the addition of tomatoes and spring onions the meal looked somewhat more summery than usual. I haven't included my fish recipe for last Friday as it was special egg fried rice with king prawns and I've featured that recipe in the past.

God Bless