Saturday, 18 July 2015

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week

More crazy facts and features to amuse and irritate.

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1. There are four main personality types into which people can be categorised when drunk: "Mary Poppins", "Hemmingway", "Nutty Professor" and "Mr Hyde".

You could choose your own four of course. How about Tasmanian Devil, Nooky Bear, Lord Voldemort and the Enchanted Princess?


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2. The most efficient way to pack your dishwasher is in a circle around the cutlery basket.

But if the machine is as efficient as the outlay of several hundred pounds would suggest, you should be able to pack it as you want!


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3. Minions are all male because their creator believed they were too stupid to be female.



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4. The more time you spend on your smartphone, the more likely you are to be depressed.

I can see the logic in that.


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5. Traditional House of Commons voting arrangements were ill-equipped to deal with the number of SNP MPs whose surnames begin with Mc.

It was intended to deal with the Duke of ..., Lord ..., Viscount ..., and Sir .... Not really surprising it can't cope with ordinary folk.


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6. British people are more likely to be gored at the Pamplona running of the bulls than any other nationality.

I wonder why that is? Perhaps because bullfighting and bull running were never popular sports in the UK


Image result for Trees in Melbourne

7. About 3,000 emails have been sent to trees in Melbourne over the last two years.

How on earth does that work?


Image result for Greek congestion charges

8. The Greek government owes London £1.3m in congestion zone fees and £1,880 in parking fines.

We might have to wait a week or two before we see any of that money.


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9. The world's oldest sperm is 50m years old.

Thank goodness it was fossilised.


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10. Rudeness in offices is contagious

I worked in an office for six years and found that it was more ignorance rather than rudeness. The employing body in the bank I worked for liked 'yes men (and women)' and so employed less intelligent people. If you take that statement to its logical conclusion eventually when those less intelligent employees move up the heirarchy the level of intelligence drops even further. God help us! Is it any wonder we had a crash in the banking sector?


God Bless