Sunday, 26 July 2015

Writing - Are you sure about the future?

Having been away for a couple of days it was a great surprise to return home to the news that Cessation is being featured in Venture Galleries auspicious pages. There is a link below to see the Venture Galleries page.


Life has changed dramatically. There has not been a sudden and traumatic cataclysmic event. The financial crash that began in 2008 has caused the money to run out. People stayed away from towns and cities after dark because of rioting and looting but during the day these places have become places to trade home produced goods.
       The government have become isolated and ineffective and there is no police force as such rather a government sponsored militia. The health service had collapsed and life expectancy was going backwards.
Then the lights went out! Computers stopped working, people couldn’t access their money and the emergency services were no longer available. Human nature kicked in and people would only survive using their physical skills and knowledge.
       Most people moved into small communities many of which that have been fortified to some extent. There was little fuel available so the horse was fast becoming the mode of transport - not that people travelled so far. Families have to produce as much of their own food as possible and old skills of carpentry, basket weaving etc were re-surfacing.
       There were a variety of hazards that had emerged - gangs of the lawless who tended to stick close to the towns and cities; vigilante groups dispensing their own brand of justice; wild animals from all continents (530 zoos in the UK) and more were released to roam and survive.
Mason and his only two good friends, Jonathon and Kate, establish a commune on the Yorkshire Moors but their numbers remained small only being swelled by a couple of relatives and a waif picked up on one of the two men’s sojourns for supplies.
As the story progresses the people at the commune, named Serendipity, realise that survival with such a small number will be difficult and begin to tentatively seek out other similar units in the valleys of the low Pennine hills. There are conflicts resulting from leadership and territorial squabbles which reduces three communes to two. They seem to be holding their own but then quasi troops from a town some way north of Serendipity cut off their water supply. This is overcome but not without human cost.
A breeding plan is introduced to try and expand the population and seems to begin to bear fruit but then an illness strikes. It is an old illness, not necessarily a killer, but with no antibiotics turns that way. The population dwindles.

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Venture Galleries is a great site for us indie authors and Caleb and Stephen, site managers, are very supportive.

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