Thursday, 2 July 2015

Writing - Inspiring locations

Some people are inspired to write by their surroundings and there are various examples of people typing stood in front of their typewriter on a crate, others prefer a computer, and some write long hand. I'm a computer man but it is the environment that may also inspire writing. I like the sea and the countryside.

Alan Bee's photo.

This is a spoof that is intended to outline a Yorkshireman's attitude to the rest of the world, but the fact is Yorkshire is a stunningly beautiful county rich in history.

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The moors are spectacular and at the same time can be quite deserted. They can be glorious and foreboding, a real enigma. All meat and drink to the writer looking for atmosphere. So much so that the Bronte sisters lived on the edge of the Dales in Howarth.
Then of course there is the Yorkshire coast.

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There are bays, beaches, cliffs and of course Whitby which is the home of Dracula. Typically, there are storms, cliff falls and glorious sun. There has been such erosion of the cliffs that whole houses have slipped down to the beach.

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Then of course the county has many historical buildings even in the clouds.

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In fact you never need to leave the county to see almost every type of landscape and inspiring building.

Dracula's hangout framed in a whale's jawbone

What is it that encourages you to enrich your writing?

The Steele novels are littered with places and views that I have visited and when I am writing in that vein I can cast my mind back to when I visited the place, and recall the atmosphere I felt in that situation. 
The human animal is an interesting beast in that it can trigger emotional memory along with a physical situation. I remember the view of the Dales at the place where I proposed to my first wife and how happy we both were at that time. So the view is imbued with a wealth of human emotion and in that way there is a distinct atmosphere about the place. Obviously, that is my perception but the same view could have equally negative traumatic emotions for a different person.
It could be that there is a view, a place or a building that has some special meaning for you. The emotional memory may be happy or sad, it isn't that important, what is essential is that you transport that emotion on to the page for readers to discern.

God Bless