Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Poetry Thursday 173 - Blyton began with poetry.

In spite of being taught poetry at grammar school it was the first writing discipline I returned to as an adult. Enid Blyton (1897 - 1968) wrote copiously but again wrote poetry in the beginning. It always amuses me the way people react to the idea of poetry and yet it occurs in our modern lives frequently.

At this time of the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki I can't escape the knowledge that scientist sat somewhere in the USA and calculated the 'best' height at which to explode the A-Bomb to achieve maximum killing effect.

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600 feet

Don’t ask me to understand.
I have no difficulty in remembering.
Give rest to those who went so quickly
and rest to the perpetrators.
It is confusing beyond normal concepts.
It saddens me for humanity.
All I believe is that it shouldn’t happen again.
Keep patience with each other.
Don’t give in to greed, anger and retribution.
You have control over the decisions you make.
Outcomes can change if you try.
Remember millions rely on the humanity of leaders.
Please don’t fail to stand against repeat.
Love us before the 600 feet.
© David L Atkinson August 2015

On a lighter note it was the anniversary of the birth of Enid Blyton earlier this week and she began with poetry. I thought that it would be great to sample some of her work.
This poem 'Too Hot' is quite apt for the sticky summer weather we are currently experiencing.

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Too Hot
I'm hot to-day, simply dreadfully hot
You just touch my hand - no you'd p'raps better not,
I'm 'fraid it would burn you, it's hot as can be,
Oh! I wonder if anyone's hotter than me!
My clothes are all stuck to me tighter than glue,
And I just can't unstick them, whatever I do,
I've wriggled and pulled till my breath is all gone,
Oh why can't I have just a bathing-dress on?
I wish I could sit in a nice little pool,
And get just a bit of me lovely and cool,
I wish I could water myself with a can,
But I know I'd be scolded if once I began,
I believe I'm melting, I'm feeling so queer,
It'll serve people right, if I do melt out here!
They'll feel sorry then when they come out and see
There's nothing but bundles of clothes left of me!

A quite amusing piece but definitely of an earlier period with references to 'a bathing dress' and being 'scolded' two things which no longer exist or occur.
It seems to me that Enid Blyton was very straight-laced even in the way she produced her work but it didn't stand in the way of her imagination.
God Bless