Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Poetry Thursday 175 - Cats and Hogs

Don't ask where these things come from, I've really little idea. On Sunday at tea my mind was free, by bedtime I'd created these.

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Care of Hogs

Small and steady it bumbles along,
a prickly bundle intent upon
survival of the winter months,
by eating slugs in their billionths.

Its progress is never rapid or noisy,
it snuffles, and chuckles on its hunting spree,
to find the slimy sticky slugs,
devoured and garnished with a range of bugs.

The hogs needs aren’t many or varied
just a dark, sheltered place to breed.
Then when cold it gets to snuggle
with prickly relatives in a huddle.

When the spring sets their blood atingling,
prickly families again start mingling
in the damp, nutritious undergrowth,
to leave such places they are loath.

Drive carefully when hedgehogs are about,
as they follow a single purposed route,
road sense from their nature’s lacking,
people must provide what’s missing.

Avoid a three metre hedgehog,
Keep control of cat and dog.
Don’t use poisons or pesticides,
and allow a few small places to hide.
© David L Atkinson August 2015

The three metre hedgehog is a term used by Colin Thompson in one of his stories. He wrote three collections, Venus the Caterpillar, Attila the Blue bottle and Sid the Mosquito. Colin began life as an illustrator but then wrote these short stories which the children I read them to, loved.

I have had the good fortune or otherwise to share a section of my life with a number of cats. The personality of those five creatures varied enormously from the aloof master cat to the sneakily obsequious loving critter. The experience generated the poem below.

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The ubiquitous presence of furry felines,
in most homes since Egyptian times,
is not at the human owners behest,
but in the fief of the bewhiskered pest.

It can be cuddly, warm and loving,
when requiring its needs fulfilling,
but cross the moody beast at your peril,
to uncover a hissing, spitting devil.

Cats require you to be efficient staff,
to stroke, cosset and at its antics, laugh.
If you wish as a proud owner to log,
please not a cat - get a dog.
© David L Atkinson August 2015

I don't dislike cats but I do prefer dogs.

God Bless