Monday, 24 August 2015

Tuesday Recipe - Moroccan Fish Stew

Back to cooking. I found this fish stew recipe which seemed quick and easy so I gave it a go.

Moroccan fish stew

Morocco is a country whose cuisine is a mystery to me and so it called for some investigation. In part the cuisine is a result of interactions between this and other nations leading to Italian, Arabian and Berber influences to name a few.

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Morocco produces a range of Mediterranean fruit and vegetables and the common meats are beef, mutton and lamb, camel and seafood. 
The spices are wide ranging and varied. In the above recipe I was surprised at the use of qarfa or cinnamon along with some curry spices and the addition of sweetness by adding honey. One of the internationally rated foods is couscous and often features in meals with vegetables and meats.

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A second national food preparation item is the tagine (or tajine), which is a low formed base with a conical lid, and usually made from pottery. You can buy electric tagines these days but if I am wearing my sceptical hat it seems an unnecessary extravagance for cooking a stew!!! The idea of the conical lid is to encourage as much of the condensation to return to the stew as possible, sort of self-basting. Save yourself some money and use a pan with a good lid!

The dish itself is really tasty but you need to choose a firm fish that isn't going to fall apart too much. I used cod as that was the fish I was brought up with and has the required firmness. Be warned don't cook it for too long!

The recipe is on the tab above.

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