Saturday, 29 August 2015

Writing - 10 things for the end of August

This week's news certainly has a male/female bias.

Image result for left foot

1. It is possible to have orgasms in your left foot.

What can I say? Why not the right foot? How on earth can you achieve that? (Did I really ask that?). How do they know?
This was reported in the New York Times and it comes from a tale about a Dutch lady in 2010 who began to have sensations similar to a climax during sex, but in her left foot!


Image result for Ashley Madison

2. Only 0.007% as many women as men checked messages on Ashley Madison.

I can proudly say that I know nothing about this!!!


Image result for Daniel Craig with a hangover

3. Daniel Craig uses Pedialyte, a medicine used to treat children with diarrhoea, as a hangover cure.

Probably contains a version of paracetamol easily digestible for delicate stomachs.


Image result for drinking urine

4. US astronauts drink recycled urine on the International Space Station but Russian astronauts do not.

So the Russians weren't taking the p***!


Image result for pooh sticks

5. The formula for the perfect poohstick is PP = A x I x Cd.


Image result for fake tan

6. Liverpool is the city where the most fake tan is sold in the UK.

Bought by one woman!


Image result for earth-like planets

7. More than 100 billion billion Earth-like planets might exist.

I also might have the winning lottery numbers this week!


Image result for patel's motel

8. People called Patel are disproportionately likely to own or run a motel in the US.

Corner shops in the UK.


Image result for flooded football field

9. More than a football field of land is lost every hour in Louisiana's wetlands in the US.

Oops! Is this the right type of football field?


Image result for smoking railroad carriages

10. In 1887, just 248 of 1,000 female-only seats on England's Great Western Railway were taken up, while more than 5,000 women used the smoking cars.

Is it something to do with the left foot?


God Bless