Saturday, 8 August 2015

Writing - 10 things for w/e 07/08/15

Opportunity, animals and opinion this week.

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1. Buzz Aldrin claimed $33.31 in travel expenses around his trip to the moon.

Cheaper than going by car!

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2. For three months, Leicestershire police didn't investigate attempted burglaries if they occurred at odd-numbered properties.

That's not odd just rude!!!


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3. Keith Richards thinks Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is "rubbish".

Silly old sod!

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4. Women suffer more than men during relationship break-ups, but they recover better.

I don't know - I managed twice!

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5. Armadillos are bullet-resistant.

Was this intelligence gleaned from a certain US dentist?


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6. People who regularly read for pleasure are less likely to have feelings of stress and depression, have higher self-esteem, are better able to deal with difficult situations and have superior sleeping patterns.

The sleep and depression I don't agree with.


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7. To avoid openly drinking vodka in front of elders, which would be disrespectful, Uzbek men sometimes drink it from a teapot.

What about the women?


8. Your ability to lie peaks in young adulthood and then gradually declines.

As you get older you just don't care to be tactful any more.

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9. Horses have 17 recognised facial expressions.

This is number 18!


10. Every London Underground line's Twitter feed has either the Myers-Briggs personality type ESTJ ("The Doer") or ESTP ("The Guardian") - with the exception of the Waterloo and City Line, which is ESFP, "The Performer".


God Bless