Saturday, 15 August 2015

Writing - 15th August 10 things

This week seems to have more than its fair share of weird stuff.

Image result for black bears and drones

1. Drones make black bears nervous.

Join the club


2. Most Facebook users use "haha" to express laughter, while only 1.9% use "lol".


Image result for ned flanders heavy metal

3. There is a Ned Flanders-themed heavy metal band.



Image result for real paleolithic people

4. Real Paleolithic people, contrary to some of the followers of the fashionable modern diet named after them, appear to have eaten plenty of carbohydrates.

Told you so!


Image result for bernie sanders

5. US presidential contender Bernie Sanders has an 80-year-old brother, Larry, who stood for the Green party in Oxford West and Abingdon at the 2015 UK general election.

Whoever selects these needs to get out more!!!


Image result for Norwegians watching reindeer migration

6. Reindeer migration is a major live television event in Norway.

And we felt badly done to with just 3 TV channels


7. Labelling an idea a "conspiracy theory" doesn't make people any less likely to believe it.


Image result for zebra

8. Zebras' stripes don't make it any harder for predators to catch them, but may help them keep cool.

It messes with the horizontal hold though.


9. People tend to underestimate how many creative ideas they can come up with if they keep trying.

So how many can they come up with?


Image result for pacific striped octopus

10. The Pacific striped octopus gently taps its prey on the shoulder before attacking.

Gives new meaning to having your collar felt!


God Bless