Friday, 21 August 2015

Writing - Power to the people

I still believe that writers should make a fuss with their pens. The list of writers, I mentioned 2 yesterday, that have been criticised for having opinions and have used their books to attack their states is legion. When I was growing up in the sixties there always seemed to be writers being imprisoned for their radical ideas, principally behind the then 'Iron Curtain'.

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Iron curtain countries

The above gives some indication of which countries were to the east of the Iron Curtain and shows Russia, Romania, Hungary and many more states. The point is they were afraid of the power of writers to influence public opinion. In a sense we are in a similar situation in a much more complex world. With the advent of the internet it is virtually impossible for states to hide life in other countries from their own citizens. This very day North Korea are lobbing shells into South Korea and threatening to escalate if the South don't stop sending propaganda into the North!

The fact is that such states are afraid that their people will realise that the version of life that they are living is fundamentally wrong, but what has that to do with us? Well consider that 1% of the World's population control 95% of the wealth. Look at the phone hacking scandal which has been effectively been pinned on one reporter. The wealthy have 'got away' with the crime because of their connections to media moguls and politicians - my opinion. 

Then there is the fracking scandal which is being pushed by the UK government even after evidence from ordinary people living in fracking areas in Australia and America shows threats to health. The bottom line is that the explosion in fracking companies will give the opportunity for the wealthy to earn billions from investment. Don't believe that it is because we need the gas!

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These gripes are actually symptoms of a corrupt society benefiting only those in control. Across Europe we are seeing the rise of minority political parties. In France and Greece it is the left wing, in the UK right and far left parties and there are Tea Party Extremists in the USA. The bottom line is that it is because those in power reach a level where they feel untouchable and begin to make decisions which do not take any regard of the welfare of ordinary people. In many ways it is the stuff that revolutions are made from eg. Russian's revolution in 1917 which led to the spread of communism.

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Politicians beware!

The books below are mine and as such there are occasions when I have a political point to make. Please read them all, learn and enjoy. The books are available through all good booksellers in all formats.

 My hero was created post recession and so has no concept of how 'good' things were pre-2008. In 'I Have To Get It Right' when he began to flex his muscles he was working in an accountant's office. Then after the Gurentai took him under their wing and removed all of his financial worries, it was justice that was his major concern. He did become involved in international relations in 'The 51st State' but it was for the maintenance of a respectful distance between countries, rather than economic reasons. His trips into the USA had repercussions which can be read about in 'The Biter Bit' but then by the time things began to change in 2011 and the recession was really biting, Steele was trying to make sense of the state of the nation in 'A Changed Reality' and coming up against some really nasty people taking advantage of the shortage of money. By the time the USA are out of their recession Steele's steps are still being dogged by an unknown enemy from the same country. In 'Inceptus' we also find out more about what makes the man tick. The most recent Steele book 'Castled' where Steele is once again at risk from unseen enemies. It would seem that he has become quite recession proof!
The most recent addition to the Steele family is Earth plc in which our hero is concerned with political and emotional issues in this crime fighting adventure.

All books are available in paperback or ebook through Amazon, Smashwords and all good book shop websites.

This is a dystopian story that hinges directly on the state of the nation as a result of fiscal mismanagement. Having said that it is more a story of human relations, privations, love and loss.

Poetry - there are also two thoughtful collections of poetry available solely through Amazon.


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