Thursday, 6 August 2015

Writing - Telling difficult stories to all audiences

Today is the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. CBBC has produced an animated version of the story through the eyes of a 10 year old girl who survived the bombing. It is a superb method of storytelling to youngsters.

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Enola Gay was the name given to the plane
that dropped the bomb.

Enola Gay Tibbets was the mother of Colonel Tibbet who flew the plane that dropped the bomb at 08:15 on Hiroshima but there was some considerable preparation involved. For instance, intelligence was collected that described Hiroshima as a garrison town which was only partially true. Many of the soldiers had been moved out. Then the most chilling fact for me was that American scientists had to calculate the most effective position for exploding the bomb to achieve the maximum killing effect. I remember attending the Peace Park and Museum in Hiroshima 8 years ago and being reduced to tears by the fact that some humans worked out that to kill the optimum number of fellow human beings, the bomb should be exploded 600 feet above the ground.


On a lighter note now that I have my first grandson my attention has been brought to children's literature. It's not a genre that I've had any interest in contributing to but since the little one's birth it has crossed my mind. The other day my daughter, his mum, suggested jokingly I think, that I should write a children's story for my grandson. Once again it is in my mind but in all honesty, having read copious numbers of amazing children's stories to my own children, it is doubtful that I could produce anything original that would meet the required standard in my mind. It is a special kind of talent producing quality children's stories.

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by Judith Kerr

As a one off  a brilliant story. Then there serialised stories such as Thomas the Tank Engine, which I read to my boys and which was eventually televised narrated by Ringo Starr.

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by Rev W Awdry

Having mentioned the above the intention would be to produce a story for an audience of 1!

God Bless